Law on The National System of Public Information

This law creates and regulates the National System of Public Information (NSPI). The NSPI will coordinate the exchange of information within and between public information databases. The law outlines how public and private entities may access this database.

"Confidential information" is defined as any piece of information disclosing a client's personal character, such as their ideology, health state, and sexual orientation. Information subject to banking secrecy cannot be displayed.  To access this information, the individual requesting it should be able to justify his petition.

Each institution is responsible for the integrity, protection and control of their database systems. The NSPI shall establish the cost of its services each year, and will to be funded through tariffs and fees charged to participating institutions.

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Ley del Sistema Nacional de Registro de Datos Públicos
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Friday, January 1, 2010
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National Assembly of Ecuador
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