Parliament of Thailand - The Electronic Transactions Act, 2001

The development of the electronic technology which is convenient, fast and efficient is greatly different from those of transactions supported by existing laws resulting in the necessity to provide legal recognition of data messages by treating them the same as the message made or evidenced in writing and have the same legal effect as that given to transactions made by traditional means. The Parliament of Thailand's Electronic Transactions Act, 2001 applies to all civil and commercial transactions performed by using a data message, except the transactions prescribed by a Royal Decree. It sanctions and governs the use of electronic transactions, electronic signatures, service business relating to electronic transactions, and electronic transactions in the public sector. In addition, the act establishes the Electronic Transactions Commission to lay down policies and prescribe rules to promote electronic transactions and to monitor the business operation of electronic transactions. The act outlines the commission's organization, duties and authorities.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2002
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Parliament of Thailand
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