SME Innovative Sandbox

The government encourages the industry to innovate, and understands the obstacles encountered during the process. In response to the future need of industrial development, the government creates an environment that provides the “Innovation Statutory Tools”, allowing nongovernmental organizations to bring energy to industrial innovation; and thus, driving the domestic growth of E-Commerce & Digital Economy.

When business owners are engaged in innovative business activities, current regulations could become barriers. This (Business) Innovative Application Experiment system is to ensure that the business owners can implement safety measures, then explore whether to create an innovative application experiment inside the governmental authority. When a subject of innovative application experiment is created, the business owners can propose corresponding plans of trial activities for the innovative business. If the governmental authority approves the plan, the business owner can test the innovation during the specified period and in the designated field and shall submit the result report to the governmental authority as the reference for legislative amendment by the competent statutory authority.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018
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National Small and Medium Enterprise Association of the Republic of China
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