Survey Shows Substantial Drop in Mobile Money Transactions After Uganda Tax Imposed

In response to the passage two new taxes on "over the top" (OTT) and mobile money which took effect on July 1, Whitehead Communications conducted a comprehensive survey between July 13 and 16 to obtain research on public opnion and the perceived impact of these taxes. 

Of a survey of 2,600 Ugandans, 96% reported being either very much (13%) or extremely (83%) impacted by the 1% mobile money tax. While 93% mentioned that they used mobile money in the previous 6 months, 47% stated that they stopped using mobile money in July and 43% had transacted less money during the month. 38% of mobile money agents surveyed stated that they had ceased transacting mobile money in July with 57% transacting less money during the month. Opposition to the tax on mobile money was even more fierce than OTT, with 98% stating clear opposition (with 79% "strongly" opposing).

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