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The DFSO website provides two types of search:

1. Site Search

A basic search of the entire website and all its content (News, Publications, Legal Documents, Country Focus pages and articles.)

2. Legal Library Search

A Basic Legal Library Search (for guests) and Advanced Legal Library Search (for registered users) of our DFSO Legal Library. See below the benefits of our 1 minute website registration.

What operators can I use to search?

  • Use quotes "" to search multiple word terms, e.g. "money laundering" will find "Money laundering was the subject of the document" but not find "Money was the subject of laundering."
  • Use no quotes to search multiple words separately, e.g. money laundering will find both results: "Money was the subject of laundering" and "Money laundering was the subject of the document."
  • Use the minus sign or the "-" operator to remove results from search containing a world, e.g. -bank which will not return a result for "The money was in the bank."
  • Use the plus sign or the "+" operator to include a specific word (or blank by default), e.g. +phone

Access to the Legal Library Advanced Search

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