Amendment to Law No. 9274, “Amendment to Law No. 8634, Law on the Development Banking System and Amendments to Other Laws”


Law No. 9274 contains a comprehensive reform to the Development Banking System Law No. 8634, as well as additional amendments to laws which promote state investments in the production sector of the Costa Rican economy. 

Development Banking System Law No. 8634: The Development Banking System (DBS) enacts policies which promote financial inclusion, finances viable production projects and establishes the financial conditions which may benefit these projects. The DBS has the obligation to submit all approved projects to the Ruling Council for review, and provide all information related to each program. It must also comply with the directives and evaluation parameters established by the Council.

This document also provides amendments to the following Laws:

  • Law 8262, Law for the Strenghtenin of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Law 1644, Organic Law of the National Banking System
  • Law 7764, Notary Code of Conduct
  • Law 3284, Commercial Code
  • Law 6868, Organic Law of the National Learning Institute
  • Law 7558, Organic Law of the Central Bank of Costa Rica



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Modificaciones a la Ley No. 9274, “Reforma Integral de la Ley No. 8634, Ley del Sistema de Banca para el Desarrollo y Reforma de Otras Leyes”
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Thursday, October 9, 2014
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National Congress of Costa Rica
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