Anti-Usury Law


This Law forbids, prevents and sanctions usury practices to protect citizens' property rights. It is suspected that there may be  covered loan in any property sale when: a buyer does not enter into possession of a sold estate and when the stipulated sale price is much lower than the market value or last transfer price.

The segmentation of credits allows for the differentiation of maximum interest rates offered to the public, and help determine whether a trasaction may be subject to usury practices. The credit categories includes consumer credit for natural persons, credit given through credit cards, housing credit, enterprise credit, and microcredit.

The Central Bank will take into account the effective interest rates for each category of credit in the preceding trimester. The maximum legal rate will be equivalent to 1.6 times the mean effective rate.

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Ley Contra la Usura
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Thursday, January 24, 2013
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Legislative Assembly of El Salvador
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