Bangladesh Flag
  • Bangladesh, officially the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, earned its independence in 1971.1
  • Bangladesh has averaged 6% annual growth since 1996, particularly as the service industry grew and exports of garments proliferated.1 
  • International remittances remain a large part of the Bangladeshi economy totaling about $15 Billion and 8% of GDP in 2015.1
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[2] Mondato (2016) Regional: Promoting Remittance for Development Finance
  • 148,460 sq kma
  • Bangladesh is in Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India.
  • Dhaka is the capital and its most populated city.
  • 156m
  • Bangla or Bengali is the official language. 
  • US$628.4 billion (2016 est.)
  • Per Capita: US$3900 (2016 est.)
Financial Inclusion (2014)2
  • 31% of Bangladeshis have a financial account
  • 29.1% have a traditional financial institution
  • 2.7% have a DFS account
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  • Bangladesh had 132m mobile subscribers at the end of April 2016.1

  • This is a mobile density of approximately 78%

  • Bangladesh launched biometric SIM card registration, linked with the national identity card database of the Election Commission. Subscribers verify their identity with a fingerprint and will be allowed to register a maximum of 20 mobile SIM cards against their national identity card.2

  • MNOs are not allowed to participate in DFS as lDFS icensees, although Grameenphone has limited DFS-type services such as bill pay.

  • DFS Licensees:2

    • BKash (BRAC Bank Limited)

    • DBBL Mobile Banking (Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited)

    • mCash (Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited)

    • MYCash (Mercantile Bank Limited)

    • UCash (United Commercial Bank Limited)

    • IFIC Mobile Banking (IFIC Bank Limited)

    • Trust Bank Mobile Money (Trust Bank Limited)

    • OK banking (ONE Bank Limited)

    • FSIBL FirstPay SureCash (First Security Islami Bank Limited)

    • Hello (Bank Asia Limited)

    • Sure Cash (Sure Cash)



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Communications: Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC)

  • The BTRC was founded in 2001 by the Bangladesh Telecommunications Act and is designed as the primary regulatory body over the Bangladesh Telecom system.

  • They offer the licenses and permits for businesses looking to enter the field and publish and update the guidelines that allow someone to maintain the license.


AML: Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit

  • The Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) is part of Bangladesh Bank.

IEB Bhaban (5th, 6th, 7th floor)
Ramna, Dhaka, Bangladesh
+880 2 9611111


Central Bank: Bangladesh Bank

  • The Bangladesh Bank functions as the main monetary regulator in Bangladesh and is responsible for managing international reserves of Bangladeshi currency.

  • Recently, the bank has worked on expanding to many more rural areas outside of Dhaka and now has 10 offices in the aim of improving financial penetration.


Motijheel C/A, 
Dhaka, Bangladesh


Competition: Bangladesh Competition Commission

  • The Bangladesh Competition Commission (BCC) was founded and chartered in mid-2016

  • Their overall goal will be to protect consumers from unfair practices and to ensure that companies follow fair practice laws.

Legal System1

  • The Bangladesh legal system is a mixed legal system of mostly English common law and Islamic law.

DFS Model Type2

  • Bangladesh has a bank-based DFS regulatory model, in which mobile financial services platforms in Bangladesh. ​MNOs are not allowed to be shareholders in any MFS company.


  • Section 12 of BB's MFS guidelines states that all MFS platforms shall cooperate and work together in promoting interoperability between the platforms towards ensuring widest possible access by customers.


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