Bank Al-Maghrib - Circular Letter No. 88/DOMC/12 - Modifying Circular Letter No. 151/DOMC/09 On Manual Exchange Operations


The Bank Al-Maghrib's Circular Letter No. 88/DOMC/12 modifies articles 3 and 6 of circular letter No. 151/DOMC/09 On Manual Exchange Operations. Specifically, the circular raises the rate at which authorized intermediaries can buy and sell bank notes. In addition, in the case of transfer and purchase transactions, the fee is raised from .5% to 1%.

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Bank Al-Maghrib - Lettre Circulaire No. 88/DOMC/12 - Modificatif 151/DOMC/09 - Relative Aux Operations De Change Manuel
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Friday, June 1, 2012
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