Bank Al-Maghrib - Circular No. 12/G/2013 - On Capital Requirements for Credit, Market and Operational Risk Coverage


The Bank Al-Maghrib's Circular No. 12/G/2013 amends Circular No. 08/G/2010 of 31 December 2010 on Capital Requirements for Credit, Market and Operational Risk Coverage. The circular provides new solvency coefficients for credit institutions in the country.

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Bank Al-Maghrib - Circulaire No. 12/G/2013 - Relative aux Exigences en foFonds Propres pour la Couverture des Risques de Crédit, de Marché et opérationnels selon les approches internes aux Etablissements de Crédit
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013
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Bank Al-Maghrib
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