Bank of Ghana - Notice No. BG-GOV-SEC-2008-21 - Regulatory Framework for Branchless Banking


These guidelines are issued as part of the broader strategy to create an enabling regulatory environment to promote branchless banking (BB). The primary audience of these guidelines is deposit-taking financial institutions (bank and non-bank) desirous to undertake branchless banking. However, as financial institutions cannot take on BB without the help of other market players like telecom companies, technology service providers, agents etc., these guidelines are also helpful for other parties to understand their roles and responsibilities. These guidelines cover the following topics:

1. Branchless Banking Models and Activities
2. Model For Ghana (Many-to-Many)
3. Permissible Activities
4. Anti Money Laundering (AML)
5. Agents-assisted Banking
6. Role of Agents
7. Agency Agreement
8. Agent Development
9. Use of Third Party Service Providers

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Bank of Ghana
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