Bank of Jamaica - Consultation Paper - Proposed Code of Conduct


This proposed Code of Conduct (the Code) is intended to establish minimum standards of good banking practice for Deposit Taking Institutions (DTIs) under the Banking Services Act, in engaging in financial relationships and activities with existing and prospective customers.

The Code outlines DTIs’ key responsibilities to their customers and applicants for business with regards to disclosures pertaining to interest rates, fees and charges, terms and conditions relating to product and service offerings, notification of significant issues arising from the disclosed terms and conditions contained in contracts, and notification of resolution mechanisms for customer related issues. In particular, the Code is intended to be clear and simple in providing expectations for the accountability of DTIs in relation to their customer relationships, and be enforceable by the Supervisory Committee and provide criteria by which compliance can be assessed.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Central Bank of Jamaica
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