Bank of the Republic of Haiti - National Strategy on Financial Inclusion


This report aims to provide the foundation for a national strategy on financial inclusion. For the sake of consistency and efficiency, it will benefit from the support and contributions of all key players in the financial system and of national life (financial institutions, private sector, government, civil society, etc. ) who will appropriate it. First, financial institutions will to offer products and savings, credit, payment and insurance adapted to the reality of market and their consumers, secondly, governments will need to develop policies, measures and reforms needed to enable the development of the financial system while ensuring the protection of its consumers. In addition, the financial inclusion strategy can support the various efforts of the private sector and government entities to promote economic growth. It can also help improve performance of various public programs in areas of social protection, agriculture, health, and education.

The National Strategy for Financial Inclusion is divided into four (4) chapters. The first presents the mission and vision for Haiti. The second presents the current status of financial inclusion in Haiti, analyzing the characteristics of supply and demand of financial products and services, as well as the issues and challenges. The third chapter offers the strategy itself, its target groups, its implementation plan, key performance indicators and its governance framework. The fourth chapter suggests actions to be taken in the short, medium and long terms for the implementation of the strategy.

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Banque de le Republique d’Haiti - Projet de Stratégie Nationale d’Inclusion Financière
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Bank of the Republic of Haiti
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