Bank of Thailand - Notification No. 2848 - 2546 - Guideline for Security of Electronic Financial Services


At present, financial institutions have increasingly provided financial services through electronic media in order for reducing their operating costs, responding to customer’s demands rapidly and increasing their competitiveness. However, the electronic financial service has one major risk, which is the security risk of data, systems and service network. It is thus necessary for financial institutions to put in place an efficient security policy and procedures for being able to prevent the service from possible threats, unauthorized access, theft of institution and customer’s information, which may result in financial loss, damage to reputation and eventually lead to a lack of confidence to the entire service system of financial institutions. The Bank of Thailand's Notification Notification No. 2848 - 2546 to all commercial banks, finance companies and finance and securities companies security of electronic financial services has an objective to provide financial institutions a guideline to determine their security policies and procedures appropriate for their electronic financial services. This is to ensure that the service will be safe, reliable and protect customer’s interests at the same time.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
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Bank of Thailand
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