Best Practices Code for the Provision of Financial Products and Services


This  code establishes the best practices which financial entities can follow to promote financial inclusion, market competition and cost efficiency to users and clients. All entities subscribing to this code commit to communicate the structure and design of their financial services in an objective, complete and precise manner.  

The subscribers to this code similarly commit to:

  • Provides easily accessible channels to receive and resolve client's claims and suggestions;
  • Have a consistent oversight policy; 
  • Avoid the arbitrary blocking of accounts, cards and other financial products;
  • Have a consistent fraud policy. 

Entities commit to inform their users of any changes in their products' interest rates, as well as their effects on their clients' credit lines. 


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Codigo de Buenas Practicas para Proveedores de Productos y Servicios Financieros
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Ombudsman's Office for the Consumer in Ecuador
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