Bharti Airtel Announces pre-5G 'Massive MIMO' Rollout in Kolkata


Bharti Airtel announced that it is making a substantial investment in rolling out its pre-5G 'Massive MIMO' mobile technology in Kolkata and other key areas in the Indian state of West Bengal. The Massive MIMO technology is touted by Airtel as being capable of 'expanding network capacity 5-7 times over the same spectrum' and will begin implementation in major business and select residential areas in the city. The company also expects this effort to pave the way for a significant increase in the amount of smartphone usage. 

Over the next two years, the Bharti Airtel also plans to launch 10,000 new mobile sites across the state which will substantially improve mobile coverage, both in terms of availability and capacity, claiming an average expansion of 'one new mobile site per hour.' This represents a dramatic increase in its number of mobile sites in the state to 38,000, representating growth of 35%.


Bharti Airtel: Airtel announces massive network expansion plans for West Bengal


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