Central Bank of Congo - Instruction No. 009 - Credit and Savings Cooperatives and Micro Finance (MF) Provisions Relating to the Submission of Periodic Situations


The Central Bank of Congo's Instruction No. 9 adopts provisions relating to the submission of periodic status reports by cooperative savings, credit and micro finance Institutions (MFI) to the Central Bank of Congo. The instruction covers the monthly and annual submission requirements on such items as financial position (balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement) and accounting situations (breakdown of loans to customers or members, deposits from customers or members, and statements of receivables overdue) In addition, the instruction outlines penalties for non-compliance, and presents a sample report of activities to be submitted.

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La Banque Centrale du Congo - Instruction No. 009 - Aux Cooperatives D’Epargne et de Credit et aux Institutions de Micro Finance Relative a La Transmission des Situations Periodiques
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013
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Central Bank of Congo
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