Central Bank of Congo - Micro Finance Activities Report 2012


The 2012 Micro Finance Activities Report is comprised of six chapters. The first chapter outlines the legal and regulatory framework governing the sector. The second gives a presentation of the micro finance (MF) sector, including micro finance institutions (MFI), in terms of the number of institutions as well as other related elements.

The third chapter summarizes the monitoring work carried out with the decentralized financial system institutions in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations as well as rules of good management.

The fourth chapter analyzes the performance of institutions and remarks on the financial situation and the reasons for the observed trends.

The penultimate chapter highlights trends by province based on the financial statements in order to inform the authorities and potential investors about the strengths and weaknesses of each entity.

The final chapter outlines other activities undertaken by the Central Bank to ensure better monitoring and supervision institutions.

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La Banque Centrale du Congo - Rapport D’Activites de La Microfinance 2012
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Central Bank of Congo
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