Central Bank of the Philippines - Circular No. 718 - Implementing Guidelines on Minimum Capital Requirements


The Central Bank of the Philippines' (BSP) Circular No. 781 outlines the revised guidelines as presented in the Basel II & III regulatory frameworks. The guidelines revise the risk-based capital adequacy framework for universal banks and commercial banks, as well as their subsidiary banks and quasi-banks. Thrift banks and rural banks as well as quasi-banks that are not subsidiaries of universal banks and commercial banks are subject to a different set of guidelines except the criteria for eligibility as qualifying capital. The guidelines are divided into four parts and set forth provisions on following topics:

1. Risk-based Capital Adequacy Ratio
2. Qualifying Capital
3. Capital Conservation Buffer
4. Disclosures in the Annual Reports and Published Financial Statements

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014
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Central Bank of the Philippines
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