Computers Law, 1995


Early law on computer security, breach, cybercrime and online offenses. Cybersecurity, data and information security.

Chapter One: Definitions
Section 1 Definitions
Chapter Two: Computer Offenses
Disrupting or interfering with a computer or
computer material
Section 2
Section 3 False information or false output
Section 4 Unlawful penetration into computer material
Penetration into computer material in order to
commit another offense
Section 5
Section 6 A computer virus
Chapter Three: Torts
Section 7 Civil wrongs
Section 8 Burden of proof
Section 9 Compensation
Chapter Four: Legislative Amendments
Section 10 Amendment to the Evidence Ordinance – No. 11
Section 11 Amendment to the Criminal Procedure Ordinance
Chapter Five: Regulations
Section 12 Promulgating Regulations
Section 13 Commencement 

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Sunday, January 1, 1995
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