Consumer Code of Practice Regulations 2018


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has drafted the “Consumer Code of Practice Regulations 2018” which outlines procedures to prepare approved consumer codes by licensed telecommunications operators and the required contents and features of any consumer code prepared or applicable to a licensee.

The licensee needs to prepare individual consumer code for its services and related consumer practices, which is then reviewed by NCC and once approved, has to be published in two national newspapers by the licensee.

The minimum set of requirements and minimum standard for the provision of services and related consumer practices applicable to licensees are outlined in the General Consumer Code of Practice, which is also included in the document. It addresses the provision of information to consumers, advertising and representation of services, consumer billing, charging, collection and credit practices, consumer obligations, protection of consumer information, calling and connection line identification service, complaints handling, and code compliance.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018
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