Cybercrime Law (Draft)


The purpose of the cybercrime law is to provide for education, prevention measures and to combat all kinds of offense committed through the use of computer systems.

Chapter 2: National Anti-Cybercrime Committee (NACC)
Article 5: Establishment of National Anti-cybercrime commitree (NACC)
Arricle 6: Composition of NACC
Article 7: Duties of NACC
Article 8: Ceneral Secretariat of NACC
Article 9: Duties of The Secretary General of NACC
Article l0: Officials of the General Secretariat of NACC
Article I l: Branches of General Secretariat of NACC
Article l2: Budget and Resources for NACC
Chapter 3: Procedure Provision
Article l3: Procedure for Cybercrime Offence
Article 14: Officials comperent to investigate Cybercrime offence
Article l5: Appointment of National Anti-Cybercrime Committee officials as Judicial
Arricle l6: Investigation Power of NACC
Article l7: Preservation of Computer Data and Traffic Data
Article l8: Copying Data
Ar-ticle 19: Searching and Seizing Computer Data
Article 20: Condition and Safeguard
Chapter 4: Offences
Article 2l : Illegal Access
Article 22: Data Espionage
Article 23: lllegal lnrerceprion
Article 24: Data Interference
Arricle 25: Unauthorized Data Transfer
Article 26: System Interference
Article 27: Ch1ld Pornography
Article 28: Contents and Websites
Article 29: Intellectual Property Right and Related Rights
Article 30: Computer Related Fraud
Article 31: Computer Related Forgery
Article 32: Misuse of Device
Article 33: Attempt
Afticle 34: Accessory Penalty applicable to certain Cybercrime offences
Article 35: Accessory Penalty Applicable to Cerrain Legal Entities
Chapter 5: Mutual Legal Assistance,International Cooperation and Extradition
Article 36: Extradition Provision
Article 37: Mutual Legal Assistance
Article 38: Mutual Legal Assisrance Procedure

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Monday, August 4, 2014
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Cybercrime Law Foundation Working Group
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