Cybersecurity Act, B.E. 2562 (2019)


The Thailand Cybersecurity Act provides "[t]he rationale and necessity to restrict the rights and freedom of a person in accordance with this Act are to efficiently protect cybersecurity and to establish approaches to protect, cope with, and mitigate the risk of Cyber Threats which affect the national security and public order. The enactment of this Act is consistent with the criteria prescribed under section 26 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand."

The "Cybersecurity Act" (CSA) supervises cybersecurity related activity and preventing and handling cyber threats, which are “any action or unlawful undertaking done using a computer, computer system, or undesirable program with an intention to cause harm to a computer system, computer data or other relevant data, and includes imminent threats which would cause damage or affect operation of a computer, computer system, or other relevant data”. The National Cyber Security Committee (the “NCSC”) is tasked with setting cybersecurity policy and the Cyber Security Supervision Committee monitors and supervises issues and threats related to the Act  The Cybersecurity Regulating Committee will "monitor and undertake in order to cope with Cyber Threats at critical level" and provides other national security functions. 

The National Cybersecurity Committee shall also have "the power to prescribe in a notification the characteristics of the organizations that have a mission or provide services in the following aspects, as an Organization of Critical Information Infrastructure: (1) national security; (2) substantive public service; (3) banking and finance; (4) information technology and telecommunications; (5) transportation and logistics; (6) energy and public utilities; (7) public health; (8) others as prescribed by the Committee. The consideration for the prescription of such mission or services under paragraph one shall be in accordance with the rules prescribed by the Committee, which shall be published in the Government Gazette. The Committee shall consider and review such prescription of the mission or services on a case-by-case basis as appropriate."


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Monday, May 27, 2019
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National Legislative Assembly
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