The Draft Telecommunication Interconnection (Amendment) Regulations, 2018


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) issued “The Draft Telecommunication Interconnection (Amendment) Regulations, 2018” which suggests amendments to the “Telecommunication Interconnection regulations, 2018”.

The main amendments, as listed on the information note to the press, are:

  • A service provided may request the other service provider for additional ports at a POI, if the projected utilization of the capacity of such POI at the end of the sixty days from the date of placing the request, is likely to be more than eighty-five percent and such projected utilization of the capacity of POI shall be determined on the basis of the daily traffic for the preceding sixty days at the POI during busy hour: Provided that the service provider shall request for such number of additional ports which is likely to bring the utilization of the capacity of such POI, at the end of the sixty days from the date of making request, to less than seventy-five percent.
  • The time-frame for provisioning of ports for initial interconnection and augmentation is proposed to be increased to maximum 42 working days.
  • Each service provider shall provide its forecast of busy hour outgoing traffic for each POI, at interval of every six months, to the interconnecting service provider and the first such forecast shall be provided within sixty days of the commencement of “The Telecom Interconnection (Amendment) Regulations, 2018” and thereafter on the 1st April and 1st October every year.
  • The port charges and infrastructure charges for all ports provided before the 1st February, 2018 shall continue to be payable as per the terms and conditions which were applicable to them before the 1st February, 2018.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
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