Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia - Advertisement Proclamation No. 759-2012


Advertisement plays a significant role in the economic, social and political development of the country, by influencing the activities of the public in commodity exchange or service rendering.

Advertisement also makes a significant contribution in establishing healthy market competition in the market-led economic system of the country. The purpose of Proclamation No. 279-2012 is to clearly define the rights and obligations of advertising agents, advertisement disseminators and advertisers. The proclamation is split into seven sections and covers the following topics:

Part I. General Definitions and Purpose and Activity of Micro-Financing Institutions,
Part II. Undertaking Advertising Activity
Part III. Advertisement In General
Part IV. Sponsorship
Part V. Advertisement Dissemination Through Different Means of Dissemination
Part VI. Prohibited and Restricted Advertisements
Part VII. Obligations of Advertiser, Advertising Agent And Advertisement Disseminator
Part VIII. Miscellaneous (Penalty, Power to Issue Regulation and Directive, Submission of Complaints to the Authority, etc.)

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Monday, August 27, 2012
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Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
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