Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia - Proclamation of Commerical Code of 1960 - Commercial Agents


In the modern world, no nation can hope to expand its commercial and economic life unless there exists a firm legal basis which will ensure the elements of stability and security in business transactions while at the same time providing a sufficiently articulated yet flexible framework within which trade and commerce may flourish and grow. Chapter 4 of Title II in Book I of Ethiopia's Commercial Code Proclamation No.166 of 1960 outlines regulatory provisions for commercial agents in the country. The chapter is split into twelve sections, and covers the following topics:

1. Definition
2. Commercial Agent Exclusion Agent
3. Duties of Commercial Agent
4. Prohibition from Carrying on Private Trade
5. Duties of Principal
6. Repayment of Expenses
7. Renumeration
8. Agent Personally to Carry Out His Duties
9. Termination of Agency Agreement
10. Compensation Due in Case of Termination
11. Uncompleted Business Upon Termination
12. Prohibition from Carrying on Similar Private Trade on Termination of the Agreement

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Thursday, May 5, 1960
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Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
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