ICT Policy for Lesotho


The Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology has formulated this ICT Policy to provide the nation with a vision and strategy for becoming a fully integrated member of the Information Society. The policy is intended to unite Government, industry, civil society and the general public in the achievement of its national development goals. It identifies key areas of the economy that will serve as catalysts in driving the policy towards its fruition. It endeavors to reduce the digital divide between the “haves” and the “have nots,” to promote gender equality, protect the environment and to improve food security and the standard of living of all Lesotho. It also strives to promote a healthy society capable of exploiting the full potential of ICTs.

concept of ICT. The role of information in development and the importance of ICTs are
introduced after a brief explanation of ICT has been provided. The picture is then
completed by elaborating on the rationale of this particular policy. The second chapter
considers the guiding principles behind this particular policy. The Vision and mission
together with the overall goals, objectives and the strategies of the policy are articulately
spelt out in this section of the document.
The various stakeholders and the roles they are expected to play towards the actualisation
of the policy goals are presented in chapter 3. Specifically, the policy identifies ten cross
cutting catalysts that would provide the strategic framework needed to guide the
successful implementation of the policy. These are ICT supporting infrastructure,
Education and Human Resource Development, Enabling Legal and Regulatory
framework, Rapid Delivery of ICT Services, E-Government, E-Commerce, Health,
Agriculture and Food Security, Tourism and Environment and lastly, Gender and Youth. 


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Saturday, March 4, 2006
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