The Kenya Information and Communications (Registration of SIM-Cards) Regulations, 2015


The object of these Regulations is to provide a process for the registration of existing and new subscribers of telecommunication services provided by telecommunication licensees in Kenya, including registration of SIM cards.


4. (1) A telecommunications operator or agent shall register a person as a subscriber in the manner provided for in these Regulations.

(2) It shall be an offence for a person other than a telecommunications operator or agent to sell a SIM-card.

(5) The Authority shall issue administrative guidelines specifying the manner in which the reports specified under paragraph (4) shall be submitted to the Authority.

(6) A telecommunications operator or agent who contravenes the provisions of this regulation commits an offence.

5. (l) A person who intends to register a SIM-card shall provide the following particulars to the telecommunications operator or agent-

(a) full names; (b) identity card, service card, passport or alien card number; (c) date of birth; (d) gender; (e) physical address; (0 postal address, where available; (g) any other registered subscriber number associated with the subscriber; (h) an original and a copy of the national identity card, service card, passport or alien card; (i) an original and a copy of the birth certificate, in respect of registration of minors ; (j) subscriber number in respect to existing subscribers; (k) a certified copy of the certificate of registration or incorporation and a copy of the national identity card or passport of at least one director, where relevant; and (l) a letter duly sealed by the chief executive officer or the person responsible for the day to day management of the statutory body.

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Friday, August 14, 2015
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Communications Authority of Kenya
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