Law 1676 Through which Access to Credit is Promoted and Rules on Property Collateral are Given


The law increases access to credit by extending the types of assets, rights and actions which can be considered real estate collateral. This simplifies the constitution and execution of collateral. 

To constitute real estate assets as collateral, a contract should be established between the guarantor and the guaranteed creditor. This contract may only be based upon the rights which the guarantor has upon the asset. The guarantor retains the right to use, modify and sell the collateral at any moment, unless otherwise specified by the contract.

If this is done, the guarantor must find alternatives to replace the sold asset if he wishes to maintain his role of guarantor. The guaranteed creditor must keep custody of all guaranteed assets. He must also charge the guarantor for the costs of maintaining the asset for as long as it remains under his custody. 


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Ley 1676 Por la cual se Promueve el Acceso al Crédito y se dictan Normas Sobre Garantias Mobiliarias
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013
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The Congress of Colombia
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