Law No. 24/2018/QH14 on Cybersecurity: Prohibited acts


This excerpt and explanation of the law comes form Luat Vietnam

This Law has many provisions on prohibited acts in cyberspace, include: Organizing or colluding with other people, persuading, buying off, duping, enticing or training people to oppose the government of Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Distortion of history; Provision of false information for the purpose of causing public confusion; Prostitution, vice, etc.

This Law also requires domestic and overseas providers of telecommunications services, internet services and value-added services in Vietnam’s cyberspace that collect, analyze or process private information or data about relationships of their service users or data created by their service users in Vietnam shall retain such data for a specific period of time defined by the Government. For overseas enterprises, shall open branches or representative offices in Vietnam.

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Monday, January 1, 2018
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