Law Regulating All Services which Provide Information to Users' Credit Histories


This Law guarantees a consumer's right to personal and family privacy when engaging in financial transactions.  It regulates how entities must manage their users' personal and financial information, including their credit histories. The Law oversees clients' access to their own information and requires institutions to be transparent about their use of clients' financial data.

All economic agents have the duty to inform consumers of their own credit histories, and must provide them with an official copy of these records upon their request. To comply with the latter requirement, banking agents must commit to have at least one agency branch in each region of the country, as well as a national call center. 

Agencies are forbidden from including any private information to user's history without their consent.

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Ley de Regulación de los Servicios de Información Sobre el Historial de Crédito de las Personas
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Monday, July 11, 2011
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The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador
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