Law on Telecommunications


The purposes of this Law are:
- To ensure the utilization and provision of effective, safe, quality, reliable, and affordable
telecommunication infrastructure, networks and services in response to the needs of social
and economic development; and
- To ensure the development and governance of the telecommunications sector, the regulation
of telecommunication operators and persons involved with the telecommunications sector and
the lawful and fair competition in order to enhance the mobilization of national revenue and
to protect subscribers.
- To ensure the protection of users and mobile revenues for National Budget

The objectives of this Law are to determine:
- The authority of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications;
- The establishment, functions and duties of the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia;
- The classification and types of permits, certificates and licenses;
- The control and utilization of infrastructure and networks;
- The national telecommunication numbering plan and electronic address;
- The standard, quality of services and telecommunication equipment, telecommunication
service tariffs and lawful and fair competition;
- The universal services obligation, capacity building, research and development;
- The rights of telecommunications operators, persons involved with the telecommunications
industry and subscribers and
- The regulatory fines and criminal offenses in telecommunications sector
- Rights of telecommunication operators and legal and fair competitions
- Rights of users

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
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