The Micro finance Deposit-Taking Institutions (Licensing) Regulations, 2004


The Micro Finance Deposit-Taking Institutions (Licensing) Regulations, 2004 aim to provide information and guidance on the conditions to be fulfilled by an applicant in order to obtain a license from the Central Bank to conduct micro finance business in Uganda. Some of the objectives of these Regulations are to (a) promote a strong and viable micro finance industry in Uganda, (b) to promote the growth of the financial sector in Uganda, (c) to promote clear and transparent criteria for the submission and evaluation of applications for engaging in micro finance business, (d) to enable the Central Bank to determine whether institutions have suitable shareholders, adequate financial strength and management. 

Regulations address issues such as licensing requirements, licensing procedure, application instructions, and expiry and revocation of license.

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Friday, October 15, 2004
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Central Bank of Uganda
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