Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of Rwanda - National Microfinance Policy Implementation Strategy 2013-2017

The National Microfinance Policy Implementing Strategy (NMPIS) for the period 2013 –2017 is a continuation of the NMPIS 2008 –2012 which was evaluated in the beginning of 2013. The findings and lessons learned of this evaluation were taken into account in the formulation of the revised NMPIS. The rationale for formulating a redesigned NMPIS is to provide Rwanda with a realistic framework that defines the principles, objectives, sub-strategies and key lines of action for the country’s microfinance subsector for the next five years.

The Strategy is divided into several sections, and covers the following topics:

1. The Overall View On the Strategy Required to Increase Financial Inclusion and How It Fits Into Rwanda’s Wider Social and Economic Development
2. The Rationale and the Objectives of the Strategy
3. The Challenges for the Further Increase of Financial Inclusion
4. The Strategic Drivers That Will Be Developed to Solve These Challenges
5. The Lines of Action That Will Support Each of the Strategic Drivers
6. An Indicative Timeframe for the Execution of the Lines of Action
7. The Management and Monitoring System to Ensure the Implementation and Oversight of the Strategy
8. The Outline of a Communication and Divulgation Plan

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Thursday, August 1, 2013
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Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of Rwanda
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