Ministry of Trade and Industry of Rwanda - Rwanda Competition and Consumer Protection Policy


One of the important functions of government is to create an enabling environment in which enterprises operate. The absence of a competition and consumer protection policy in Rwanda has created opportunities for some sectors of the business community to engage in unfair business practices, such as price fixing, speculative hoarding and collusive tendering. The vision of this policy is to: Incorporate the interests of consumers, emerging entrepreneurs, and existing firms, through the promotion of free and active competition in Rwandan markets; protecting the ability of our large corporations to penetrate international markets, just as we must allow foreign investors to do business in Rwanda; promoting transparency, greater national competitiveness, and the facilitation of entry into markets all within a context that seeks to promote the growth and development of Rwandan enterprises.

 The policy document is divided into several sections, and covers the following topics:

1. Context/Background
2. Vision and Objectives
3. Functions of the Implementation/Enforcement Institution
4. Institutional Structure Option 1: Stand Alone
5. Institutional Structure Option 2: Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) Department
6. Preferred Option: Option 2 - MNICOM Department
7. Shareholders’ Views
8. Implementation Plan
9. Financial Implications
10. Legal Implications
11. Impact on Business
12. Impact on Equality, Unity and Reconciliation
13. Handling Plan (Communication Plan)


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Thursday, July 1, 2010
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Ministry of Trade and Industry of Rwanda
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