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This is the National Bank of Ethiopia's (NBE) webpage with answers to general questions on remittance service in the country. The web page has answers to the following questions:

1. Purpose of the Directive
2. What Does International Remittance Transfer by Nationals Mean?
3. Who Are Remittance Service Providers (RSPs)?
4. What does SWIFT mean?
5. How banks communicate to settle remittance service transfers?
6. What are the major features of contractual agreements among RSPs and their agents?
7. What are the major types of international remittance transfer?
8. Where shall users of international remittance transfer system get info concerning service?
9. What are the major institutions eligible to provide low cost international remittance service.
10. Is there any obligation that Remittance Service Providers should fulfill?
11. What do RSPs present to NBE to get its consent?

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