National Bank of Rwanda - Directive No. 05/2012 - Appendix - Guiding Principles and Benchmarks on Customer Service Delivery

The National Bank of Rwanda's Appendix, "Guiding Principles and Benchmarks on Customer Service Delivery" sets minimum standards of customer service to be delivered by financial institutions in the country. Specifically, the document provides definitions and scopes, benchmarks, performance standards/targets, areas to cover, problem identification statuses, and reporting and measuring protocols for the following topics:

1. Preparation of the Policies/Codes/Procedures About Customer Care and Service Delivery
2. Customer Satisfaction: Complaint Handling in Institutions
3. Customer Satisfaction: Dispute Resolution External to the Institution
4. Customer Satisfaction: Measuring and Monitoring
5. Other Guidance Concerning the Working Environment and Security of the Institutional Premises

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Monday, May 7, 2012
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National Bank of Rwanda
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