National Bank of Rwanda - Regulation No. 02/2011 - On Credit Classification and Provisioning

The National Bank of Rwanda's Regulation No. 02/2011 sets forth measures that establishes a system to be put into place by banks operating in country which accurately identifies risk, assures the adequacy of the provisions for non-performing assets, and properly reflects such results in the financial statements of the bank. The regulation stipulates that such a system should classify troubled credits as weaknesses become evident without waiting for the scheduled periodic review, and provide for remedial actions. The regulation is divided into several chapters, and covers the following topics:

1. Regulatory Requirements
2. Provisions on Classified Credit Facilities
3. The Reviewing of the Provisioning Level
4. The Writing Off of the Unrecoverable Portion of Credit
5. Interdiction to Grant a Credit Facility
6. Restructured Facilities
7. Remedial Measures and Penalties

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
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National Bank of Rwanda
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