National Bank of Rwanda - Regulation No. 05/2008 - On Credit Concentration and Large Exposure


The National Bank of Rwanda Regulation No. 05/2008 seeks to limit financial risk and promote financial stability in Rwanda by establishing provisions that limit the credit exposure by banks operating in the country. The regulation dictates that all banks have sound administrative and accounting procedures and adequate internal control mechanisms for the purpose of identifying, recoding and monitoring all large exposures and subsequent changes to them, in order to ensure compliance with the limits on credit concentration and large exposures. In addition, all banks must report to the Central Bank on a quarterly basis of credit concentrations and large exposures. The regulation is divided into several chapters, and covers the following topics:

1. Single Borrower’s Limits
2. Collaterals
3. Limits in Aggregate Large Exposure
4. Placements
5. Reporting and Computation of Credit Concentration and Large Exposure
6. Disclosure of Loans Granted to Insiders
7. Remedial Measures and Penalties

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Monday, January 10, 2011
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National Bank of Rwanda
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