National Bank of Rwanda - Regulation No. 06/2009 - On Licensing Requirements and Other Requirements for Insurance Intermediaries


The National Bank of Rwanda's Regulation No. 06/2009 aims to maintain an efficient, fair, safe and stable insurance market in the country and to foster good conduct among insurance intermediaries (brokers, agents, & loss adjusters) which serve as important distribution channels of insurance. The regulation sets forth the licensing requirements, process, fees and other related provisions for insurance intermediaries operating in the country. The regulation is divided into six chapters, and stipulates provisions on the following topics:

1. Licensing Requirements
2. Relationship Between the Insurer and the Intermediary
3. Relationship Between the Intermediary and the Customer
4. Professional Indemnity
5. Prudential Requirements
6. Change in Qualifying Shareholding
7. Enforcement Actions
8. Fine and Penalty

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Monday, September 6, 2010
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National Bank of Rwanda
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