National Bank of Tajikistan - Instruction No. 176 - On Procedure for Regulation of the Activities of Credit Organizations


The National Bank of Tajikistan's instruction, "On Procedure for Regulation of the Activities of Credit Organizations" seeks to protect the interests of depositors and creditors and ensuring financial stability of the banking system of the country. The instruction establishes prudential norms, as well as their calculations, for credit organizations in such categories as the minimum size of authorized capital for newly established credit organizations. The instruction is divided into several parts, and covers the following topics:

1. The Minimum Size of Capital for Credit Organizations
2. Capital Adequacy Ratio (K1-1, K1-2)
3. Current Liquidity Ratio
4. Maximum Risk Size Per Borrower or A Group of Connected Borrowers (К3-1)
5. The Maximum Size of Large Credit Risks (K3-2)
6. Maximum Size of Credits, Guarantees and Sureties Granted by a Credit Organization to Borrowers–Insiders (Affiliated) (K4)
7. Ratio for Use of a Credit Organization’s Own Funds For Acquisition of Shares of Other Legal Entities (К5)
8. Ratio for Regulation of Deposit Attraction Operations for Credit Unions (К7)
9. Monitoring the Compliance of the Prudential Norms

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Monday, December 21, 2015
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National Bank of Tajikistan
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