National Cybersecurity Strategy 2017-2021


This document entitled “National Cybersecurity Strategy” has been prepared within the scope of the State’s efforts to support national security and develop the Egyptian society, and in order to monitor and confront emerging threats and future challenges in cyberspace and digital society. 

The national cybersecurity strategy document has been developed in view of the strategic objectives that led to the creation of the Egyptian Supreme Cybersecurity Council (ESCC)— reporting to the Cabinet of Ministers, and chaired by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology. The ESCC was mandated to develop a comprehensive strategy for protecting the Information and Communication (ICT) infrastructure, in order to provide a safe and secure environment that would enable various sectors to deliver integrated e-services.

The strategy entails a number of programs that support the strategic cybersecurity objectives. It emphasizes the distribution of roles among government agencies, private sector, business institutions and civil society, and the measures to be established by the State to support progress towards achieving these objectives. In addition, the strategy outlines an action plan for the years 2017-2021. The plan has been developed in line with these specified objectives and to facilitate their implementation, emphasizing the significance of the partnership among government agencies, private sector, business institutions and civil society. Achieving these objectives, pave the road for the transition to an integrated digital economy that meets citizens' aspirations for comprehensive socio-economic development; protects their individual welfare as well as the national interests; and contributes to the country’s progress and prosperity.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018
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Cabinet of Ministers, Egyptian Supreme Cybersecurity Council
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