National Cybersecurity Strategy of Afghanistan (2014)

National cybersecurity strategy document to establish and achieve a Safe - Secure and Resilient cyber space for the government, businesses and citizens of Afghanistan.

To establish and achieve a Safe - Secure and Resilient cyber space for the government,
businesses and citizens of Afghanistan

To protect and assure data, information and IT infrastructure security in Afghanistan’s
cyberspace, enhance capacities to prevent and response to cyber threats, protect the children
and youth of Afghanistan in cyberspace, mitigate the risk of vulnerability, damage from cyber
threats and incidents through a variety of standardized institutional structures, policies,
procedures, people, technologies and administrative process

1) To protect government ICT infrastructure, secure cyberspace for the citizens, improve and
retain cybersecurity professional skills, encourage public - private partnerships, boost and
maintain international cooperation.
2) To establish a framework for the information safety, assurance, information security
policies, adaptation of international standards and best practices
3) To establish a regulatory framework in order to achieve resilient cyber space and its
4) To enhance AFCERT capabilities to fight against cyber threats/crimes, draft and develop
Disaster Recovery Plans for the government and Critical information infrastructures in the
5) To develop and adapt suitable technologies, processes, based on the requirements of
National Security
6) To establish testing and certification body to standardized and improve application and
software development in the country
7) To promote and facilitate trainings for Information and Cyber security experts throughout
the county
8) To safeguard data privacy of government, businesses and citizens by enabling the
protection mechanisms for the data at rest and data at transit
9) To develop and promote public private partnership and engagement through technical and
operational cooperation’s and contributions in order to enhance the resiliency of
cyberspace in the country
10) To enable and strengthen an effective prevention, investigation and prosecution of cyber
and electronic crimes, enforce the law enforcement capabilities through an effective cyber
law and legislation
11) To enhance and strengthen international cooperation’s to fight cyber crimes

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Saturday, November 1, 2014
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Ministry of Communications and IT
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