National Information and Communications Technology Policy


Pursuant to realizing significant ICT potential for development and addressing its challenges, the Government has reviewed the National ICT Policy of 2003 (NICTP 2003) and came up with the National ICT Policy 2016, which provides a comprehensive framework for guiding the development and growth of the industry to ensure optimal benefits to the nation and its citizens.

The National ICT Policy 2016 (NICTP 2016) is a result of the revision of the NICTP 2003. The NICTP 2003 has provided a national framework for ICTs to contribute effectively towards achieving national development goals and transform Tanzania into a knowledge-based society through the application of ICT.

Specific objectives include:

  • To develop and enhance human capital that is capable of championing ICT in the creation of Tanzania’s knowledge society;
  • To enhance public participation and understanding of potentials of ICT for effective transformation towards a knowledge based society;
  • To strengthen strategic ICT leadership at all levels to effectively champion exploitation of ICT in all sectors of economy;
  • To enhance access and availability of affordable and reliable broadband services to accelerate socio-economic development of the society;
  • To have reliable, interoperable and sustainable ICT infrastructure that supports ubiquitous national connectivity;
  • To have universal access to ICT products and services in order to bridge the digital divide;
  • To strengthen management and promote efficiency in spectrum allocation and utilization that guarantees its availability and competition in both urban and rural areas;
  • To promote and strengthen management of scarce ICT resources for sustainable ICT industry;
  • To enhance local content in all aspects of ICT value chain and local hosting of electronic services;
  • To promote a competitive ITES/ BPO industry and development of electronic services in all aspects of ICT value chain activities;
  • To strengthen cooperation and collaboration in regional and international ICT development initiatives that promote knowledge transfer and attract foreign direct investment;
  • To strengthen legal and regulatory environment that facilitates acquisition, utilization and development of ICT in Tanzania;
  • To have secure environment that builds confidence and trust in the use of ICT products and services; xiv. To promote safety on use of ICT products and services;
  • To strengthen quality control and standardization in the ICT industry; xvi. To have sustainable ICT industry;
  • To promotes effective use of ICT in the productive sectors for increased productivity;
  • To enhance participation of gender and social diversity groups in ICT;
  • To promote use of ICT in disaster management;
  • To promote use of ICT in environmental conservation;
  • To have Good Governance enhanced by ICT;
  • To promote investment in ICT under PPP arrangement.

Policy objectives include the following:

  1. Strategic ICT leadership;
  2. ICT Human capital development;
  3. ICT literacy of the public;
  4. Universal access for broadband;
  5. ICT infrastructure;
  6. Management of ICT frequency spectrum & scarce resources;
  7. ICT Resources;
  8. Local and national electronic content development;
  9. Cooperation and collaboration;
  10. ICT environment: legal and regulatory framework;
  11. ICT security, safety and standardization;
  12. ICT sector & industry development.
  13. ICT safety and security (cyber-security)
  14. Public service.

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