Nepal Rastra Bank - Licensing Policy for Institution/Mechanism Operating Payment Related Activities - 2016


The Nepal Rastra Bank's Licensing Policy for Institution/Mechanism Operating Payment Related Activities - 2016 sets forth the central bank's provisions on issuing a license for the establishment of an institution or mechanism operating payment related functions an their related instruments and transactions. The policy document is divided into several sections, and covers the following topics:

1. Provision Related to Classification of Institution/Mechanism
2. Functional Areas in Providing License
3. Provision Relating to Letter of Intent
4. Provision Relating to License
5. Provision Relating to Service Charge and Deposit
6. Provision Relating to Renewal of License
7. Provision Relating to Paid Up Capital
8. Provision Relating to Telecommunication Service Provider
9. Special Provision Relating to Banks and Financial Institutions
10. Special Provision Relating to Institution/Mechanism Established Abroad and Operating Business in Nepal
11. Provision Relating to Settlement Bank
12. Provision related to Infrastructure and Security of Information/Statistics
13. Provision Relating to Know Your Customer (KYC)

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Sunday, June 12, 2016
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Nepal Rastra Bank
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