Parliament of Morocco - Law No. 18-97 - On Micro-Credit, as Amended up to Decemeber 6, 2007


The Parliament of Morocco's Law No. 18-97 governs micro finance (MF) activities in country. The law stipulates that any credit whose object is to enable economically weak persons to be regarded as micro-credit shall be: to create or develop their own production or service activities with a view to ensuring their economic integration; to acquire, build or improve their housing; to have electrical installations or to supply their homes with drinking water, or to enter into insurance contracts with the insurance and reinsurance. The law is divided into several chapters and sets forth provisions on the following topics:

1. Conditions for the Exercise of the Micro-Credit Activity
2. Resources from Micro-Credit Associations
3. Control of Micro-Credit Associations
4. Fiscal Regime of the Micro-Credit Activity
5. Micro-Credit Advisory Board
6. Federation of Micro-Credit Associations
7. Sanctions

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Parlement du Maroc - Loi No. 18-97 - Relative au Micro-Credit
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Thursday, December 6, 2007
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Parliament of Morocco
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