Parliament of Namibia - Banking Institutions Act, 1998


The Parliament of Namibia's Banking Institutions Act is an act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to banking. The act aims to provide for the authorization of a person to conduct business as a banking institution, and for the control, supervision and regulation of banking institutions in the country. The act also seeks to protect the interests of persons making deposits with banking institutions, and provide for the winding-up or judicial management of banking institutions and for the cancelation of authorizations. The act is divided into several parts, and sets forth provisions on the following topics:

1. Application of Act
2. Authorization to Establish a Banking Institution
3. Shareholding in Banking Institutions
4. Prudential Requirements and Limitations
5. Directors, Principal Officers and Auditors
6. Supervision by Bank


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Monday, March 9, 1998
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Parliament of Namibia
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