Parliament of the Republic of Ghana - Credit Reporting Act 2007 - Act 726


The Credit Reporting Act 2007 - Act 726 is an act passed by the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana to provide a framework for credit bureaus, to establish the conditions for credit reporting and to provide for related matters. The Act is divided into seven parts and covers issues surrounding the following topics:

Part I: Supervisory and Regulatory Role of the Bank of Ghana
Part II: Licensing and Regulation of Credit Bureau Operations
Part III: Operation of Credit Bureau
Part IV: Data Protection Provisions
Part V: Complaints, Redress and Penalties
Part VI: Investigation, Inspection and Court Orders
Part VII: Miscellaneous Matters (Liquidation of Credit Bureau, Compliance Report, Accounts and Audit, Applicability of Other Legislation, etc.)

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Friday, April 13, 2007
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Parliament of Ghana
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