Parliament of South Africa - Competition Act No. 89 of 1998, as Amended up to February 1, 2001


Credible competition law and effective structures to administer that law are necessary for an efficient functioning economy, and an efficient, competitive economic environment, balancing the interests of workers, owners and consumers and focused on development, benefits all South Africans. In order to provide all South Africans equal opportunity to participate fairly in the national economy and achieve a more effective and efficient economy in the country, the Parliament of South Africa's Competition Act establishes the Competition Commission responsible for the investigation, control and evaluation of restrictive practices, abuse of dominant position, and mergers. The act also creates the Competition Tribunal and the Competition Appeal Court, which adjudicate the aforementioned matters. The act is divided into several chapters, and sets forth provisions on the following topics:

1. Restrictive Practices
2. Abuse of a Dominant Position
3. Exemptions from Application of Chapter
4. Merger Control
5. The Competition Commission
6. The Competition Tribunal
7. The Competition Appeal Court
8. Market Inquiries
9. Confidential Information
10. Powers of Search and Summons
11. Complaint Procedures
12. Tribunal Hearings and Orders
13. Appeals and Reviews to Competition Appeal Court
14. Enforcement
15. Offenses

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Thursday, February 1, 2001
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Parliament of South Africa
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