Parliament of Sri Lanka - Mediation Board Act, No. 72 of 1988


The Parliament of Sri Lanka's Mediation Board Act, No. 72 of 1988 provides the legal framework necessary for institutionalizing Mediation Boards in the country. The act establishes the Mediation Boards Commission, which is vested with the power of appointing Mediators, and outlines the functions and jurisdiction of the boards. The Mediation Boards are empowered to resolve, by the process of mediation, all disputes referred to it by disputing parties as well as in certain instances, by the courts. The act is divided into several parts, and covers the following topics:

1. Appointment of Commission
2. Power and Duties of Commission
3. Mediation Board Area
4. Appointment of Panel of Mediators
5. Jurisdiction of Mediation Board
6. Action Other Than Those Involving the Granting of Any Provisional Remedy Not to Be Filed Without Certificates of Non-Settlement
7. Reference by Court
8. Constitution of Mediation Board
9. Duties of Mediation Board
10. Where Settlement is Reached
11. Where No Settlement Is Possible
12. Time Limit Within Which Board Must Act
13. Failure to Comply with or Violation of Settlements
14. Representation
15. Privileges
16. Prescription
17. Offense Settled by A Mediation Board Deemed to Be Compounded
18. Grama Seva Niladhari to Assist the Board
19. Members of Board Deemed to Be Public Servants
20. Board Deemed to Be a Scheduled Institution
21. Defect in Constitution of Board Not to Invalidate Acts and Proceedings of Board
22. Regulations

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Parliament of Sri Lanka
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